Behind Hawkins Bolden's small urban home is a small garden that he surrounds with "scarecrows" that he makes from found objects. His scarecrows are attached to posts, their faces are made from punctured pots and pans, oil drum lids and scrap metal found in alley ways. Old rags, shoe soles and pieces of hose are attached to the metal sculptures to blow in the winds and serve as "tongues" for the scarecrows he creates.

Bolden was blinded in a baseball accident when he was eight years old and works entirely by touch in creating his scultpures. While he works in his bedroom asembling his scarecrows Bolden likes to listen to baseball games and gosple music on the radio.

Hawkins Bolden's work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and books including Passionate Visions of the American South, New Orleans Museum of Art (1993) and Contemporary American Folk Art, A Collector's Guide, by Chuck and Jan Rosenak.


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Price available upon request. 

1. 23" x 12" 

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