Greg's two passion's in life are his love for Nabisco Cookies and admiration for TV newscasters. Greg embraces American pop culture and celebrates it with a bouyant enthusiasm in his art and daily life. Greg has passion for cookies and say's he's attracted to the Nabisco logo and the classical design of their cookies. "Nabisco cookies," he remarks, "are the mainstay of cookies. as Campbells is to soup and Chevrolet is to cars." 

Since newscasters are the authority figures who speak most directly to us from out TV sets, they have become Greg's heroes. Greg has painted almost all of the major network's TV newscasters as well as all the newscasters from regional networks. 

As a young child Greg suffered from autism: after years of treatment and special care, today Greg is proud to be able to live on his own. In keeping in his interest in TV newscasters, he earns his living delivering the local newspaper. Greg's work has been exhibited at the Nabisco Corporation in Hanover, New Jersey in their "Inspired by Nabisco" show.


1.  Fig Newtons
24" x 30"
2.  Oreo & Lorna Doone
24" x 30"
3. Snack Wells
24" x 30" 
4.Nabisco Medley
24" x 30"
5. Oreos, 24" x 30"
6. Double Stuff
24" x 36" 
7.Happy Doodles
24" x 30"
8. Happy Doodles
24" x 30"

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