Phil Saunders, age 69, was born in Massachusetts and raised along the coastal area near Cape Cod. He was severely neglected as a child, and his emotional and intellectual growth was considerably stunted. For most of his childhood was condered to be developmentally disabled. Eight years ago he began doing art work as part of a therapy program. Phil has lived in complete isolation from the formal art world, and his exposure to art has been limited to calendar scenes.

Though he has lived in the midwest for the last twenty years, much of his artwork reflects the coastal and country scenes from his childhood. Water and the reflections of the landscape in water are reoccuring elements in his work. His style has an almost paint-by-number quality, as he first outlines his paintings in black ink and then fills them in with acrylic paints.

All of Phil Saunders' works are done in acrylic and measure 16 x 12.
All paintings come in acid-free matts and unframed.

Prices available upon request.  

1. Coastal Scene
2. Mountain Scene saunders.jpg
3. Coastal Scene
4. Mountain Scene saunders.jpg
5. Coastal Scene
6. Winter Scene

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